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Gamified therapy

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Merrier helps you overcome anxiety by transforming your worries into an addictive game. Conquer your fears and build confidence as you complete quests and win rewards!


Mental health issues are on the rise. Anxiety now accounts for almost 4% of worldwide disability, up by 14.9% since 2005! Even more worryingly, only a minority of sufferers get help. Whether that’s due to cost of therapy, stigma or anything else, Merrier wants that to change.

So, compared to the other brilliant apps out there, how is Merrier different?

  • Merrier is the first app to turn therapy into 100% a game. This makes it a positive, colorful and fun environment, something that is very welcoming to anxiety sufferers.
  • You’re rewarded for conquering your fears! In this way, you’re training your mind to seek more and more challenges to overcome.
  • You’re encouraged to take actionable steps so you can see progress right away.
  • You can track your progress along beautiful maps and charts of your journey.
  • It’s convenient! Whether you're at home, at work or anywhere in between, fit progress into your busy lifestyle.
  • Merrier is supported by research! It borrows concepts from CBT and uses proven techniques to banish your fears.
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