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Merrier uses researced and supported psychological techniques to aid you in overcoming your worries. Here we explain them!


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a form of therapy that focuses on how our thoughts and beliefs affect our feelings and behavior.

Negative and unrealistic thoughts can cause us distress. When we’re in mental distress, the way in which we interpret situations becomes skewed. We start to imagine the situation as being much worse than it actually is.

CBT involves recognizing these faulty thoughts and proving them wrong. Instead of fearing and avoiding certain situations, you face them head on. With time, your thoughts and beliefs on the situation become more positive and realistic. It no longer worries you!

How Merrier uses this

Merrier gets you to set quests based on your worries. You’re asked to give a description and initial difficulty rating. When you complete a quest, you’re asked to rate it again.

You’re able to view all your completed quests. They’re a record of your thoughts and experience. Over time, you'll see your progress and your improved ability in facing your worries!


Facing your fears & positive reinforcement

Negative reinforcement means strengthening a behavior by avoiding a negative outcome. When something makes us feel anxious, we tend to avoid it. However, the more you avoid something, the less opportunity there is to learn that the situation is not as bad as feared. You’re confirming that it’s something to be afraid of. Thus, the anxiety is strengthened.

Positive reinforcement is strengthening a behavior by providing a consequence to that behavior that we find rewarding. For example, being given praise for your work. You're more likely to repeat that behavior.

If you’re rewarded for facing your fears, you’re more likely to face more fears!

How Merrier uses this

By setting a fear as a quest, you’re going out and facing it instead of avoiding it. Just by doing this, you’re not giving pesky negative reinforcement a chance to take hold!

When you complete quests and reach milestones, you’re rewarded with coins and trophies, and enjoy moving along your map. Progress becomes addictive.

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Mental health & mobile games

Internet-based CBT is on a rise. It has been found to be just as effective as face-to-face CBT, and in some cases even better. This is because:

  • It’s convenient — a mobile app can fit into your busy lifestyle
  • It’s quick — there is no waiting list
  • It’s usually cheaper than face-to-face CBT
  • There is no fear of stigma

Games are also an effective learning tool. They’re fun, interactive, and motivating. In psychotherapy, it has been shown that those who strive after goals because of the fun and enjoyment of that striving do better than those who do it because they have to.

How Merrier uses this

Merrier is a form of Internet-based CBT. It's always available, convenient, and your data is completely private.

The benefits of CBT are neatly packaged in a fun and beautiful game. You’re encouraged to face your fears and complete quests in a positive environment!